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The Ways That Coaching Is Different Than Counseling

From time to time, we all need some help getting the most out of our lives .  We want the deep sense of satisfaction which is the by-product of forward movement.  We feel the tug to be just a little better in one aspect of life or another.  

At the heart of coaching and counseling is the desire to help people.

For some, counseling is where they may need to start, but for most, coaching provides the nudge that is occasionally required by all of us to go forward .  If  deep wounds from the past hamper you from moving forward into the present, counseling may assist in the healing that you deserve.  Coaching does not take the place of a skilled and caring counseling professional.  However, if you have the normal  "bumps and bruises" that life brings,  and if you desire to acquire fewer of those "bumps and bruises" into the future, coaching is likely a way of going forward and pursuing the goals for your life.

Coaching is designed to evaluate the present and to look ahead.  The coach and the client team up as co-equals to work together to bring about change.  Coaching is about getting results and turning your hopes and dreams into

your reality.

If you are not sure about where to start, please contact us to set up your 20 minute complementary consultation

@ [email protected] or text/call to 707-812-4142.

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Whether you are single, in a relationship, with kids, empty-nesters, nearing retirement or already there, we are here for you.  In the various ages and stages of life there are different priorities and therefore different approaches.  Our goal will always be to help you get to where you want to be - no matter what stage of life you find yourself in. Arriving at that place always requires a plan (remember: if you aim at nothing - you will hit it every time) and lots of hard work. There are few things in life that are more satisfying than achieving a worthwhile immediate or

long-term goal.  

For most there is nothing more important than family.  While it is rewarding, the hardest work that you will ever do is to nurture a loving, caring group of people who call themselves a family.  Many of your most important goals in life are wrapped around those whom you love.  You desire to create a better and more fulfilling future for them.  Whether it is financial equilibrium today, college for children tomorrow or retirement in the future, we can help you reach for those dreams by coming alongside of you, planning with you and optimizing your hard work.